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Gordon Roberts

Recent Stories

  • This is the story of a screen printer who, after years of hands-on experience on the production floor, gets promoted to a shop-management position. Discover the struggles he faces during the transition and how he overcomes them.
  • Get some belt-tightening tips for surviving an economic slowdown and find out how to emerge stronger and more profitable when business picks up again.
  • This final chapter in a series of columns on the screenmaking process concludes with tips on how to make screen reclaiming a smooth, efficient, and money-saving process.
  • Following a rigid routine in your screen-prep department might give a false impression of consistency and organization. Roberts shares some tips to help you ensure accuracy in this important area.
  • Discover where mistakes are most likely to happen in the screen-coating process and what your screenroom staff needs to do to avoid them.
  • The key to consistency in screen printing lies in the screen. Discover how discipline and science can help you fine tune the screenmaking process.
  • Screen prep is often a thankless job. This month, Roberts addresses the importance of the screenmaking department and sets the stage for a series of columns in which he'll discuss ways to improve quality and efficiency in this critical area.
  • Roberts recounts his visit to a graphics screen-printing company in Frankfurt, Germany and shares the valuable lessons he learned from the pristine, efficient shop.