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Screen Printing's Solution Sourcebook

Recent Stories

  • Learn about what static electricity is, the factors that affect it, and the methods available to counteract it.
  • The pointers presented here address the relationship between image and screen size, as well as how image position on screens can affect the quality of finished graphics.
  • This guide examines stencil-material characteristics, issues related to light sources, and methods for testing you can use each time you create a stencil.
  • Decorating garments with special-effect inks can be a daunting task when you don’t have everything in place in prepress. These tips will assist you in building reliable and repeatable processes and procedures.
  • Learn how to identify problems in screenmaking that most often lead to reduced screen tension and how to anticipate and minimize tension loss.
  • Staging is the key to proper production planning for garment screen printers. This primer will help you start staging your garment jobs effectively.
  • This guide explains how dye migration happens and outlines steps you can take to prevent it from harming your garment-decorating jobs.
  • Discover how UV inks differ from other formulations and what it takes to print and cure them successfully.