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A 5-Minute Sales and Marketing Plan

(April/May 2016) posted on Wed May 11, 2016

There’s a world of “expert” advice out there, and for beginners, it can be tough to know where to start.

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By Ross Yamashita

These businesses, like yours, receive dozens of solicitations a day. Stand out by offering the company something they can benefit from. Do research on each company before you contact them, paying special attention to their passions and interests. Many will proudly display the causes they support, such as sustainability or a local nonprofit. You could quickly establish a rapport with them by letting them know your business is dedicated to using eco-friendly products or mentioning a common interest in volunteering.

Which Social Media Are Right for You?
Besides contacting prospective clients directly, the best way for shop owners to reach their target audience is on social media. It’s not only free to use (though some platforms also have paid advertising options that can be very cost effective), but you can also reach out directly to the masses to find and connect with your target market.

The downside is there are several social media platforms, each with its own unique set of audiences and features, and unless you have a dedicated marketing person or company updating your social media, it’s virtually impossible to have a consistently strong presence on all of them. This is why knowing your target audience is critical to help you determine which social media platform is best to connect with potential clients.

Here is a brief breakdown of social media platforms and ideas of how you can utilize them:

Facebook has almost 1.5 billion active users on its site worldwide. While it’s currently the king of social media platforms, Facebook users are focused on the past and present.

If you print and sell your own apparel or products, Facebook’s targeting metrics are the best you’ll find on any platform. You can create ads and boost your posts, targeting specific demographics, occupations, income levels, family statuses, and more.

Twitter is a favorite amongst many news organizations, and for good reason. Research shows Twitter beats all other platforms for engaging audiences in live events and breaking news.

If you print for event companies, oftentimes they will promote their events well in advance. Find out what hashtags they’re utilizing and join in on the conversation. However, don’t just blatantly promote your company. Post content that event organizers and followers will want to engage in.


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