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A Cut Above: An Overview of Flatbed Finishing Systems

(August 2010) posted on Wed Jul 28, 2010

Looking to slice through the competition in a crowded graphics market? The finishing systems described here could give you the edge you need.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

AXYZ International
CNC knife systems from AXYZ International can be equipped with different styles of cutting heads for processing substrates such as foam boards, closed-cell foam, plastic-covered foam, corrugated cardboard and plastic, rubber, cork, carpet, felt, single-ply fabrics, and more. The oscillating knife with tangential control is designed to provide highly accurate cutting of a variety of semi-rigid materials, including thicker media, without excessive over cut. The oscillating knife is available in a range of blade lengths and attack angles. The tangential knife is designed to provide accurate cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials and is engineered to allow the machine to accurately cut square corners and maintain part accuracy. The drag knife is designed to cut flexible and semi-rigid materials. It is equipped with a spring-loaded glider foot. Standard system features include vacuum-holddown-ready machine bed, open table access from all sides, and AXYZ’s A2MC machine control system. AXYZ’s Intelligent Cutting Solution, powered by i-cut, is available as an option.

The Colex Flatbed Cutter comes in two models: 4 x 8 ft and 5 x 10 ft (1.2 x 2.4 m and 1.5 x 3.0 m). Both feature one-piece welded-steel frames, work surfaces machined in place, X and Y movement driven by servomotors on gear-rack rails, Z axis that combines a ball-screw drive and servomotor, and more. The work surface is divided in zones: four for the 4 x 8-ft model and six for the 5 x 10-ft model. Each zone has its own vacuum pump controlled by individual on/off buttons on the front panel. Pump power is designed for compatibility with substrates used in wide-format printing. A 3-phase vacuum pump is available as an option. The cutter’s multi-tool head features four stations: router spindle (1050 W, 10,000-35,000 RPM), oscillating knife, fixed knife, and i-cut camera. The i-cut system is designed to enhance print-to-cut accuracy by enabling the cutting system to compensate for distortion. The knife stations accept different tool holders, such as kiss-cut and crease, and tool holders are interchangeable. Heavy-duty spindles are available as an option.


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