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A Cut Above: An Overview of Flatbed Finishing Systems

(August 2010) posted on Wed Jul 28, 2010

Looking to slice through the competition in a crowded graphics market? The finishing systems described here could give you the edge you need.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

The Kongsberg i-XE10 from EskoArtwork is designed to kiss-cut and through-cut vinyl, polycarbonate, polyester, polypropylene, carton stock, single-wall corrugated material, and other substrates. It offers a 31.5 x 43.3-in. (800 x 1100-mm) work area, accepts material as large as 35.4 x 47.2 in. (900 x 1200 mm), and operates at speeds up to 52.5 in./sec (1333.5 mm/sec). The i-XE10 features rack-and-pinion X-Y drive and servo system, maximum acceleration of 1.2 G, maximum horizontal cutting power of 40.5 lbs force (18.4 kg force, 180 N) in any direction, and maximum vertical tool power of 26.5 lbs force (12 kg force, 120 N). The system’s operator console is mounted on the side of the table and includes a table-operator panel, main switch, emergency power switch, and storage space for tooling. It can hold a controller PC (optional) with a flatscreen monitor,keyboard, and mouse. The i-XE10 uses i-cut vision PRO software and includes the DynaGuard Safety System for operator and bystander protection. Optional, field-upgradable features for automation include conveyer system with a conveyer belt around the cutting table, conveyer extension with a conveyer belt around the cutting and extension table, roll-material holder, and loading/unloading equipment for sheet-fed media.

Gerber’s M Turbo offers a table size of 103 x 148 in. (2620 x 3760 mm), supports an active cutting area of 75 x 120 in. (1900 x 3000 mm), cuts at speeds up to 30 in./sec (762 mm/sec), and accelerates at 0.5 G. Maximum tool force is 80 lbs (356 N). Its 1-kW, 1.4-HP, liquid-cooled spindle operates at 6000-50,000 RPM and is engineered to route acrylic and wood up to 0.75 in. (19 mm) thick. The M Turbo also features a 10-HP, five-zone vacuum, as well as Gerber’s M-Vision optical registration system, light-barrier safety system, PC workstation with cabinet, and Gerber OMEGA CP software. The system comes standard with a modular toolset: oscillating knife, pneumatic router, drag knife, and creasing wheel. Optional tools include reciprocating knife for foam cutting, drag knife for cutting highly abrasive substrates, tangential knife with micrometer-controlled depth adjustment, fixed-blade knife for angle cutting, and pen plotting tool. Other options include high-loft system configuration for increased cut height and an 18-HP vacuum-holddown system.


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