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A Review of Press-Maintenance Procedures

(February 2011) posted on Tue Feb 22, 2011

Find out how simple preventative maintenance can keep your presses running at peak levels and head off costly downtime and quality issues.

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By Rick Fuqua

Support parts and supplies Having critical spare parts and supplies on hand when they are needed rounds out a good maintenance program but requires knowledge of your machine and what parts wear or fail the most. Additionally, this ties back to record keeping and pinpointing the last time you checked or replaced these items, how many were used, and the number of press cycles that have passed since replacement. The overall age and condition of your machine impacts the need for spare parts.

Supplies are also important, as they are needed to carry out maintenance. Included in this list are things like lubricants and tools. Buy and label a grease gun for each type of grease you have in your shop. This way, the high-temperature dryer grease is not used by mistake on the printing press. Additionally, the amount of pressure delivered by the grease gun is determined by the size and type of the grease gun. Large-handled guns can inject grease at much higher levels of force than small ones. This may be good in some applications and bad in others. You can over grease or pump too much pressure into a bushing or bearing. Really cranking a high-pressure gun can cause damage. Normally, watching for some grease movement signifies it is filled.

Other considerations Other factors include the type of environment in which your machine is required to perform. Are your conditions extremely hot or cold, damp or dry? Does the air in your region have contaminates such as salt, sand, or dust? How do these environmental issues affect the parts on your machine, and what can be done to protect your machine from these contaminants? Lastly, how many ship days are you from receiving parts?

Because the job of maintenance is multifaceted and ongoing with a variety of procedures, it is handled more easily if it is divided into segments/categories that make the job easier to comprehend and simpler to carry out and track.


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