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A Roundup of Products Promoted in Las Vegas

(December 2010) posted on Tue Nov 23, 2010

This article highlights some of the products shown to the North American marketplace during the 2010 SGIA Expo.

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Proell spotlighted its NoriCure MPF, a UV-curable screen-printing ink designed for deep-draw applications. Proell says the inks show good adhesion to a wide range of substrates, can be drawn to 350% without color variation, and cure quickly. The inks are NVP-free. The company also showed its Mirror Ink series, which includes M1, a high-gloss formulation; M2, designed for scratch resistance after jet drying and available in eight colorants; M3, developed for highest gloss, easy processing, and excellent resistance to humidity; and FSI, formulated for first-surface applications.

Richmond Graphic Products promoted its SolarBeam DirectJet screen-exposure system, designed to create stencils from screens imaged on CTS systems, as well as the Direct-
JET Pro computer-to-screen system, engineered to use UV-blocking inks and equipped with Z-axis motion for printhead protection.

Riley Hopkins Screen Printing Machinery promoted its Joystick Registration system, single- and multicolor benchtop screen presses, freestanding manual screen presses, Lowrider printer/dryer system, and more.

Roland showcased its VS Series VersaCAMM wide-format inkjet printer/cutters. They feature three Eco-Sol Max ink configurations (CMYKLcLm, 2 x CMYK, CMYKLcLm+Silver+White) and are available in 42-, 54-, and 64-in. (1067-, 1372-, and 1626-mm) models. Each supports maximum imaging resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi and offers cutting force/offset of 30-300 gf/0-1.5 mm. Maximum print speeds are 248, 228, and 125 sq ft/hr for the 64-, 54-, and 42-in. models, respectively. Maximum cutting speed is 11.8 in/sec (300 mm/sec) for all models.

SaatiPrint USA promoted its mesh, chemical emulsions, frames, stencil films, Bopp wire cloth, Duralife squeegees, screen inks from Dubuit and Marabu, and more.

Sawgrass showed MxF ink for wide-format inkjets. The aqueous ink is formulated for imaging onto nylon and polyester and does not require post-print steaming or washing.

Screen USA showcased its Truepress Jet2500UV, a hybrid inkjet printer that accommodates rigid media up to 98.4 x 51.1 in. (2500 x 1300 mm) and roll-fed media up to 164 ft (50 m) long. It supports imaging resolutions up to 1500 dpi and print speeds up to 72 sq ft/hr (67.5 sq m/hr). Truepress Jet2500UV prints a four-color (CMYK) inkset. Light cyan, light magenta, and white are available as options. Other options include additional print table, battery box, cart for roll media, signal tower, and guide for corrugated cardboard.


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