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A Sampling of Web-to-Print Software

(February 2016) posted on Wed Feb 17, 2016

Here are a few companies that offer different types of web-to-print solutions.

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By Eileen Fritsch

Our special "SWOT: Changes & Challenges" issue brings industry experts together to consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to screen printing. This web-to-print sidebar supplements the "Weaknesses" section with a sampling of web-based workflow options.

Products from Agfa, EFI, and Caldera can be operated independently or integrated with MIS systems or RIPs to provide accurate job data and two-way communications on the status of jobs in progress.

Accura Online: Designed by Data Design Services, this is the web-to-print module Accura’s complete print management system for smaller print shops (one to 30+ users). Accura Online includes a web store, online proofing, and artwork editing features. The web store can feature a Public Products page that displays your shops’ offerings to customers and a My Products page which only shows products created for the logged-on client. Other modules include print MIS, CRM, rates analysis, and financial (job costing, invoicing, accounting links, and management) reports.

Agfa Storefront 3.06: This cloud-based system provides a fast, affordable way for print service providers to add web-to-print capabilities. StoreFront can be used for customizable and variable-data products, on-demand, and printed and non-printed stock products. It can also be used for setting up multiple storefronts, each targeting specific customers, markets, or types of products. StoreFront can connect with Agfa’s Asanti automated workflow for sign and display companies or Agfa’s Apogee workflow for commercial printing and large-format graphics. Or, it can be used with your existing RIP or workflow.

Caldera Webshop: This cloud-based web-to-print program for large-format printing companies can be used as a standalone sales-to-production solution or to share production data with the Caldera RIP. Webshop offers an advanced preflighting engine for checking the quality of prepress files, and a sales portal for managing orders, invoices, and shipping. Multiple shops, with different products and pricing structures, can be set up for specific customers or target markets.


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