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Advanced Digital and Screen Printing

(September 2006) posted on Fri Sep 08, 2006

Where graphics production is a family affair

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By Lori Leaman

Advanced Digital and Screen Printing is a graphics-printing shop that combines ambition, a desire to succeed, willingness to adopt new technologies, and strong family ties to thrive in a fiercely competitive and ever-changing marketplace. Discover how Advanced grew from a small operation with a single client to a bustling business with capabilities that satisfy a variety of retail graphics buyers.

Family roots

Dave Ramsey founded Advanced Digital and Screen Printing in Columbus, OH on January 1, 1985. He had no formal training or experience in screen-printing technology, but had acquired a variety of skills through his experiences in other industries. Ramsey graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in engineering. There, he was introduced to the industry that he would eventually join when a class assignment required him to design a plant lay-out for a screen-printing shop.

Ramsey accepted a position with Varsity House, a textile-printing shop, after graduating from college. He worked in production, planning, and warehousing for five years. In 1976, Ramsey accepted a management position with Electrographics, a printing company that specialized in posters and decals. After nearly a decade there, he left the screen-printing industry for another field, but was ultimately dissatisfied with his choice. Ramsey discussed the direction of his career with two former clients, one of whom remarked, "Columbus is yours if you just open a business!" That was the encouragement Ramsey needed to strike out on his own and return to screen printing.

Ramsey, with the support of his wife, Linda, started his printing business with a single Filbar press to print P-O-P displays. He relied on word-of-mouth referrals to develop the shop's client list. In fact, Ramsey met one of his major customers while attending his son's soccer game. An informal introduction and chat about his printing business secured Ramsey an order for seven print jobs. Revenues from that client alone paid for four years of rent for the facility and covered the salaries for the small shop's staff.


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