American Ultraviolet's Large-Format Roller Coaters

In 60-inch, 80-inch, and custom sizes.

Designed specifically for use with graphics printed on UV flatbed inkjet printers, the AUV XL coating machines from American Ultraviolet ( can apply high-speed protective coatings to inkjet-printed graphics printed with various types of inks including UV, water-based, and solvent.

Available in 60-in., 80-in. and custom sizes, they can coat rigid and flexible substrates up to 3 in. thick at speeds ranging from 30-110 ft/min. The coating thickness is adjustable from 0.03 to 0.08 mil. The coaters feature a built-in triple-liquid system that can hold two different coatings and a cleaning solvent. A fourth white coating tank is optional.

The liquid-metering roller and double-scraper blade are pneumatically controlled, allowing for precise and easy adjustments. Also available from American Ultraviolet are a range of smaller machines ranging from 20-40 in.

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