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An Inside Look at Outdoor Graphics

(April 2010) posted on Tue Mar 23, 2010

This roundtable discussion sheds light on issues and trends in a variety of outdoor-advertising applications.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

You can’t take a thumbnail image from a Website and make it a billboard, so how do you educate your customers?

Ryan Westfall The first thing we do is educate ourselves. We’re continually staying abreast of the latest computer software, updates, and technology, and we’re very strongly involved with industry associations. We can then help customers with their artwork situations and other platforms they need to get us the right information. We educate ourselves on that side of it, and then it’s a lot easier to go to the customer. Many customers don’t understand a lot of the fine details involved in creating a quality image. We work with them and encourage them to give us some of their branded materials in the highest resolution possible so we can help them put together a design that will work for them. Many want to take an image that was meant to be for something a lot smaller. Teaching them how to build a file that we can take and get to a 1:1 size at high resolution is a challenge. Our art department usually has direct communication with theirs and walks them through those steps. We also have the ability to take a client’s raw images and branded logos and, if necessary, rebuild them to a resolution that will work for us so our output is a quality image. There’s more than one way to get to the final image. We can do it for them, or they can do it. We usually walk them through it when they decide to do it.

Judd Morgan We have lengthy discussions about what art will transfer to what space and how some art designed as a square just cannot be made to be a large rectangle. It’s a lot of time on the phone and a lot of face-to-face time that you can’t really bill for. We help people find art through stock-photo sites, or find something similar, while working with them and coming up with a result they’re happy with. We have always considered ourselves more of a custom shop, and with that comes a certain degree of hand-holding. Being heavy on customer service has always been our position, and it has been very beneficial to us in this market. If people have questions, they come to us.


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