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Automatic Garment/Textile Press

(June 2009) posted on Fri Jun 12, 2009


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M&R says the Alpha 8 5070 and 6080 leave the front of the platen and the platen-arm assembly free of obstruction, facilitating easy loading and positioning and allowing them to handle almost any type of item, including hooded sweatshirts, pants legs, cut pieces, T-shirts, and most other types of textiles. Alpha 8 is also compatible with M&R’s All-Over-Print (AOP) platens.

Alpha 8 80110 features a dual-drive servo system, with servo drives at each end of the press (also found on Alpha 8 5070 and 6080 models with 38 or more stations). Double-index mode on alternating printheads can produce images up to 39 x 28 in. (991 x 711 mm) on the 5070; 39 x 33 in. (991 x 838 mm) on the 6080; and 59 x 43.5 in. (1499 x 1105 mm) on the 80110. Due to their larger print areas, Alpha 8 6080 and 80110 models include a wider print carriage. According to M&R, the Alpha 8 80110 includes larger, stronger platen arms; wider platen-leveling brackets; front and rear registration locks; and a printhead lockdown/platen-arm-support feature for greater stability and enhanced print quality. M&R says the Alpha 8 80110 excels on cut-piece goods and all-over prints, but it easily converts for standard-size T-shirt printing.

All Alpha 8 models incorporate a servo-drive indexing system that rotates in either direction and is designed for operating at an extremely high speed with smooth operation and precise control. The machines also feature jog-left/jog-right controls and an independent print-start/print-finish setting that automatically activates and stops printheads at the beginning and end of production runs. It also provides a production-speed monitor to help ensure more accurate job costing, a test-print setting that turns individual printheads on and off during the test-print cycle, and a pedestal-mounted control panel that can be placed wherever it’s needed. Additionally, M&R’s patented Optical No-Shirt Detector automatically prevents the press from printing on empty platens.

Alpha 8’s printheads are driven by variable-frequency AC drive motors and offer what M&R describes as simple print-stroke adjustments to promote very high production rates. These printheads also incorporate independent, tool-free off-contact adjustment at all four corners of the screen frame. Alpha 8 also features front microregistration adjustments with visual guides, pneumatic screen clamps, and a high-lift mode that’s designed to simplify access to the underside of the screen and allow fast, tool-free placement of flash-cure units at any station. For more information, contact M&R, 1 N. 372 Main St., Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137-3576, 800-736-6431 or 630-858-6101, Web:



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