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Biodegradeable Laminates

(March 2012) posted on Tue Mar 20, 2012

Drytac Introduces an eco-friendly laminate.

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Interlam Bio from Drytac ( is a line of certified biodegradable laminating films (Din EN 13432:2000-12) with a water-based adhesive. Interlam BioGloss and BioMatt are derived from wood pulp, which Drytac describes as a sustainable and biodegradable resource. The company notes that the laminates break down easily in the recycling process, allowing for more eco-friendly disposal and recycling options for laminated graphics. Finishes include Interlam BioGloss 3 mil, designed for P-O-P displays and other indoor signage applications; and Interlam BioMatt 3 mil, designed with a non-reflective finish for graphics where direct lighting cannot be controlled.


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