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Breaking the Blogging Barrier

(October/November 2018) posted on Mon Dec 03, 2018

How to generate blog content that produces leads, attracts more clientele, and establishes your shop as a thought leader.

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By Kristen Klingensmith

You can have all the ideas and topics in the world to blog about, but you won’t get far if you don’t have a solid strategy and the resources to get the content out there. After all, blogs must be written by somebody, and that somebody will need to be paid. Your first step is determining who will be writing your blog content. Nonstop Signs and Graphics employs a team of three to six content writers at any given time with a variety of backgrounds in business, entrepreneurship, software, marketing, and graphic design. Their work is overseen by a content manager, who is part of the marketing department. The larger scale of our content operations means that we can publish content multiple times a week with ease. 

Not every business will have the resources to create such a large-scale content presence, and that’s OK! Do you have time to jot down your thoughts at least once a week, format for SEO and readability, and fire your post into the World Wide Web? If not, consider whether another team member might have the writing chops to get this accomplished, or explore hiring a freelancer to assist with a weekly blog post. Sites like Fiverr or Upwork often have freelancers willing to pad their portfolios with bylines in exchange for nominal fees. 

The next important step is determining your publication schedule. If you’re only publishing once a week, make sure your blog post is drafted, edited, revised, fact-checked, and ready to go at the same time every week. Regular followers enjoy continuity, and your blog post appearing in their email at 3 p.m. every Tuesday may be the highlight of their week. 

If you intend to hire more than one writer or post multiple times a week, your publication schedule becomes even more important. Give your team regular due dates and leave time for an editor or an extra pair of eyes to go over the piece, adjust SEO, and check readability and tone. When generating your content, be sure that the piece fits within your preferred voice as a company. After all, clients on your email list who look forward to your blogs every Monday and Thursday might become disillusioned if the pieces are full of errors or are written in a wildly different voice every time.  

Gentle Promotion Never Hurt Anybody

The final step to sharing your wisdom with the world is to promote it. Nonstop Signs regularly publishes noteworthy blog posts and timely pieces on our social media networks for a little extra push. We choose different pieces for each platform in order to use each to our best advantage. Not all social media networks are created equal!

Take a look at your social media presence and decide where your content needs to be shared. These are the general guidelines we’ve put in place for our own content sharing. Your company might be slightly different depending on the demographics of your followers.

  • Facebook: Past and current clientele are usually our followers on Facebook, so a wide range of interesting and shareable topics do well here.
  • LinkedIn: We’ve connected with tons of entrepreneurs, company owners, managers, and more on LinkedIn. Business and industry-relevant topics generate a lot of buzz here, and lifestyle pieces usually fall flat.
  • Twitter: Lifestyle pieces, listicles, and articles heavy on images do well on Twitter, aided by some relevant hashtags. Cool success stories, images of awesome creations, or musing on the best graphic design schools? #TweetIt 

These three elements make up the backbone of the blogging strategy that has successfully skyrocketed our exposure. Inbound marketing is here to stay, and it’s worth the time and investment to figure out just how your business could lean into it. We truly believe the printing industry, and the world, can benefit from your unique perspective. 


Kristen Klingensmith is a featured business writer and holds a degree in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management from the University of Oklahoma. She serves as the content manager for Nonstop Signs and Graphics, a print and design company based out of San Diego. Contact her at, or follow the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter @nonstopsigns. 

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