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Chemical-Filtration System

(April 2006) posted on Fri Apr 21, 2006

Franmar Chemical, Inc.

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Franmar Chemical designed a chemical-filtration system for those who need to minimize the amount of solids that drain from their washout booths. The dual tank and filter setup traps ink and emulsion solids from 5-20 microns. The welded polypropylene unit measures 29 x 15.25 x 17 in. (737 x 387 x 432 mm), and Franmar says it can fit under most washout booths. The system comes standard with a chemical pump and a float switch that automatically maintains the water level. The unit connects to existing plumbing. Waste water flows directly from the washout booth into the first tank, where the largest particles settle at the bottom. Once that tank fills, it then flows to the second tank, which further separates the solids before they run through the two filters. Fluid levels can be automatically monitored to prevent the unit from overflowing. Solids taken from the unit and the filters can be air dried and flash cured before disposal. Franmar Chemical, Inc., Bloomington, IL 61702, 800-538-5069, Web:


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