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Custom Inkjet System Developers

(November 2015) posted on Wed Dec 09, 2015

These 11 companies will build customized systems for industrial clients.

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By Vince Cahill

Ardeje (Valence, France) develops and integrates chemistries and processes for industrial manufacturing systems using primarily inkjet technology, jetting functional fluids for organic photovoltaic, lighting, smart textile, plastronic, biological, consumer product, and plastic applications.

Ceradrop, MGI Group (Limoges, France) offers three inkjet print platforms – the L-Serie, X-Serie, and F-Serie – designed for material-deposition applications including printed electronics, photovoltaics, and Smart 3D fabrication. The company designed its platforms for use with most industrial inkjet printheads and offers integration for customer applications. Also available is CeraSlice, a CAD/CAM 2D and 3D software program for designing printed products.

Kateeva (Newark, California), founded in 2008, overcame technical hurdles and refined the process to cost-competitively inkjet print OLED panels. Its YieldJet system prints in a nitrogen clean room atmosphere to eliminate oxygen and particle contamination. The company has also advanced its inkjet printing mechanism to eliminate nozzle-to-nozzle non-uniformity and “Mura” banding.

Machines Dubuit (Noisy-le-Grand, France) offers screen-printing and inkjet systems. Its inkjet machines focus on printing plastic bottles, tubes, and jars.

Markem-Imaje CSAT (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany) offers its CSAT ITS6 flexible inkjet print modules that can be tailored for a range of label-manufacturing applications. The company also offers its services to customize and integrate the CSAT ITS6 into production operations for specific applications. The CSAT ITS6 uses UV LED curing for this process-color printing system. It produces 600 x 600 dpi resolution for a maximum print width of 16.5 inches and
maximum through-put speeds of 157 feet per minute).

Microdrop Technologies (Norderstedt, Germany) also specializes in providing micro-dispensing inkjet devices, platforms, and solutions for industry. Clients use Microdrop’s inkjet technology for dispensing oil to lubricate computer hard-drive motors and drilling operations, depositing adhesives for bonding optics and micro-dimensional parts, and dispensing mercury for UV and visible light lamps. Microdrop offers three versions of its Autodrop printer platform, but will also tailor the platform to meet its customers’ requirements.


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