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Cutting Costs to Keep More Cash

(August 2008) posted on Wed Aug 13, 2008

Trimingham describes how creatively reducing expenses can allow you to earn more in the long run and keep your valuable workforce on the payroll.

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By Thomas Trimingham

The main issue was that everyone deserves good service, but those who account for smaller sales need to have less time allotted to them from the start. This is smart systemizing. It also made sense across the board to systemize and script out a large portion of the sales process to make it cover all the bases, keep it brief, yet make sure the clients’ needs were met. A script was a solution where a salesperson on the phone or in person would use a list of pre-designed questions on a sales sheet to guide customers and collect the information in the best way to serve their needs. Clients appreciated the shorter meetings—as long as it was emphasized that it was their time that was valued, as well as that of the salesperson. Practicing the script was important so that no one would sound robotic or inflexible to clients.

Cutting costs by scripting sales required some investment into quality scripts that could be quickly taught to new employees and salespeople. Scripts were used for the phone sales, outside sales, and inside (walk-in) sales. The well designed script program easily saved hundreds of dollars, made the company appear more professional, and prevented the omission of important details in the sales process, which could have cost a lot more money.

Even though the phone script was not that complicated, it was something the sales associate at XYZ initially resisted. They had their habits, and it was tough to retrain them. A good, objective review of what could be achieved with phone scripting with the goals added in helped convince sales that the scripts (qualified by sales level) were valuable and motivated them to give it a shot.


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