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Digital Cutting Systems

(June 2009) posted on Tue Jun 02, 2009


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The new ProCut digital cutting systems from Océ are designed to automate cutting operations, reduce labor and materials costs in the finishing stage, maintain high productivity levels, and increase profit margins. At the center of Océ ProCut digital cutting solutions are the tables, designed and manufactured for Océ in Switzerland by Zünd. Océ says they offer an ideal solution to all finishing needs, including trimming and contour-cutting, through-cutting, kiss-cutting, routing, and creasing. The tables accept roll media, sheets, or rigid substrates up to 1.97 in. (50 mm) thick. They are available in working-area sizes from 52.36 x 98.42 in. to 86.61 x 125.98 in. (1330 x 2500 mm to 2200 x 3200 mm). A modular tool system enables the operator to mount up to three tools at the same time. ProCut Software is included to prepare the files for cutting. Specialized vision software, also included, compares the cut data to the position of the registration marks on the print and drives the cutter along the cut path. It also compensates for image or material distortion such as shrinking or stretching. Océ, 100 Oakview Dr., Trumbull, CT 06611, 773-714-8500, Web:



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