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Eco-Solvent Inks and Bulk-Ink System

(June 2011) posted on Tue Jun 07, 2011

INX Digital

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EDX inks are the newest eco-solvent formulations from INX Digital ( The company says dual compatibility allows users to perform cartridge-by-cartridge changeovers without wasting ink and notes that new color profiles are not required to obtain the same color as OEM inks when printing. EDX inks are designed for Roland printers with Epson DX4 printhead technology. EDX is HAPS- and TAPS-free and is formulated for low odor and fast drying. INX also made a recent introduction of the Eco Bulk ink-delivery system. According to INX, Eco Bulk is easy to use and features a unique cardboard box design that consists of 100% recycled material. Ink is housed in a foil bag that, once emptied, is disposed of and replaced. The foil bag can contain up to 2 liters of ink, and 440-ml cartridges are available for customers who use less ink.


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