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Education: It’s Not Just for Students

(July 2009) posted on Tue Aug 25, 2009

Shop owners who come up with excuses to avoid spending the time or money to properly educate their employees are typically the first to blame their workers for mistakes and lapses in productivity. This article discusses the reasons why you should educate your staff and offers several resources for training.

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By Mike Ukena

The key reason for business education is to make your company more productive. Higher production means lower costs, fewer mistakes, and more profit. It may even give you the confidence to take on jobs that you used to turn away. One of the nicest things a customer ever said to me was that he never felt comfortable taking polyester jobs before he attended one of my classes. Since then, he’s made that kind of work more than 25% of his business—and it is all new business. That is what education is all about.

Remember that every job you turn away goes to a competitor. And every job you mess up probably goes elsewhere the next time that customer needs something. Therefore, shop owners and managers who have been burned badly by a lack of knowledge are a little more open to the idea that they, at least, need some help. On the other hand, owners and managers who maintain a strong, proactive, and progressive attitude about education see its value and benefits time and time again.


Education and Training Resources for Screen Printers


Association for Graphic Arts Training


Coudray Graphic Technologies


Fujifilm Sericol, Inc.


Graphic Communications Institute Cal Poly State University


International Graphic Arts Education Association


International Reprographic Association


Lawson Screen & Digital Products, Inc.


M&R Sales & Service, Inc.


MacDougall Screen Printing Ltd.


PDS Consulting




Midwest Sign and Screen Printing Supply Co.




Nor-Cote Int’l, Inc.


Printa Systems, Inc.


Rochester Institute of Technology


Rutland Plastic Technologies, Inc.


Santa Fe Workshops


Screen Printing Technical Foundation


Sefar Printing Solutions, Inc.


School of Screenprinting


Specialty Graphic Imaging Association


Thieme Corp.


Vastex Int’l


Wild Side North Inc.


Mike Ukena is a 22-year screen-printing veteran who has owned a textile-printing company and worked in technical services for the SGIA as the director of education. A member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology, Ukena is a frequent speaker on technical and management topics at industry events. He is currently a technical-sales representative for Union Ink Co., Inc.



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