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Finding and Converting the New Buyer

(December/January 2018) posted on Mon Jan 14, 2019

Crafting an experience is key to mastering the evolving sales relationship with customers.

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By Mark A. Coudray

All this positions you as someone the buyers can trust. When you back this perception up with social media reviews on sites like Yelp and Manta, you lock yourself into the prime vendor position and virtually eliminate your competition. 

Specialize to Get Ahead

One thing I’ve learned over the years: Not all business is good. The old-school model was all about taking every order opportunity that presented itself. This approach led to tremendous frustration, PITA customers, unreasonable demands, huge amounts of wasted time, and relationships that just weren’t a match. 

When you search out new buyers who have similar interests as you, your ability to connect is much better. Taking the time to learn and understand what they want moves you from being a commodity producer to being a specialist within a well-defined market.

Once you’ve established a working model in that niche, leverage the power of peer-to-peer referrals to validate and recommend you. Seek out influencers in that field and work with them. The best way is to engage in the forums and social media groups around your niche. Having a social presence where you provide insights, solutions, and advice establishes you as an expert.

Social media is not the place to pitch your products or services. Instead, develop case studies about clients you’ve worked with. Tag your clients in those posts. If you’ve done a great job, I guarantee you will start to generate engagement and validation without ever having to pitch anything.

Of course, your objective is to generate likes and shares. Use those to build expanded Custom and Lookalike Audiences that exactly match the profile of your best, most enthusiastic fans. This is a very effective way to leverage the changing behavior of the new buyer.

Hopefully, this gives you a snapshot of how the new buyer is different and what you can do to connect with them in a positive way. There is more opportunity now than ever before. To capitalize on it, you only have to raise your level of awareness, be perceptive, do a little homework, and start to develop a connection with the niche communities you have identified as your best markets.


Mark Coudray is the founder of Coudray Growth Technologies. He was elected to the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies in 1989 and is a four-time recipient of the David R. Swormstedt, Sr. Award recognizing the most outstanding article published in specialty printing in the preceding year.

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