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Gandy Ink: Head of the Class In School Apparel

(February 2007) posted on Thu Feb 01, 2007

Learn how the company grew from a small job shop to a prospering specialty decorator serving elementary, junior high, and high schools.

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By Lori Leaman

The film-output room is equipped with two OYO thermal imaging systems. All pertinent information, such as ink type, screen size, and where the order falls in the print cycle is determined and logged by an employee in the film room. The artwork then goes to a second proofing station, where an employee confirms that the instructions tallied throughout the artwork's history are correct. After confirmation, the artwork goes to the screen room (Figure 2), where it is exposed onto screens.

The screen room also features a 40-ft-long CCI automatic screen cleaning system that handles ink-cleaning, dehazing, and drying (Figure 3). "It made a huge difference because we turn over 500-600 screens per day," Phil Gandy explains.

Gandy Ink's production department features six M&R automatic garment presses, including three Sportsman models, one Challenger, and two Gauntlets, as well as a Chameleon manual press (Figure 4). The area also is equipped with M&R gas dryers. Gandy Ink typically uses its Sportsman presses for printing onto white shirts or jobs that require only one flash. The bigger presses, such as the Gauntlets, are used for jobs that call for multiple flashes.

The finishing department is where employees apply felt numbers to the backs of shirts intended for sports teams. The staff uses a SummaGraphics plotter equipped with Adobe Illustrator software to complete this task.


Gandy Ink's quality-assurance (QA) department is a critical area. QA employees not only inspect finished garments, but they're also stationed throughout various departments in the company, verifying that the entire process, from order entry to packing, is of the highest quality (Figure 5).


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