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High-Volume Screenmaking: Eliminating the Crisis

(December 1999) posted on Wed Dec 15, 1999

Willey explains how to maximize efficiency in your screen department.

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By Jane Willey


Figure 2: Key Screenmaking Processes and Checkpoints
• Screen tension--during retensioning, before coating, after press run (retensionable only)
• Film positives--complete set, right reading, registration, design number
• Screen--frame number, mesh count, design number, date/time
• Dry stencil--emulsion coverage, emulsion uniformity
• Imaged stencil--resolution, match to film positive, placement in frame, right reading
• Exposure--monthly exposure test, new lamp schedule
• After reclaiming--mesh damage, cleanliness
• Temperature/humidity hourly readings--coating, coated drying, coated storage areas


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