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How to Capitalize On Flatbed UV Inkjet Technology

(September 2006) posted on Wed Nov 01, 2006

Learn how to find a flatbed that's right for your operation and what you can do to take full advantage of its capabilites.

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By Scott Schinlever

The broader graphic-printing capability and material options afforded by flatbed UV inkjet technology also give the screen printer an expanded set of tools for solving more of his existing customers' problems. For example, the ability to print on unique materials (ceramic tiles, for example) may allow the customer to create unique marketing materials. Lenticular prints (images that flip as you change your viewing angle) are another example of a unique application that flatbed UV inkjets can readily handle.

Flatbed UV inkjet technology also holds promise for the large numbers of screen printers who are manufacturing high-volume products, such as wallpaper, flooring, counter laminates, and other building materials. The quality and steadily improving versatility and speed of this technology makes it possible for producers of these products to create unique, high-profit, custom materials or dramatically reduce the cost of making prototype samples.

Figure 5 Out-of-Home Display Graphics Opportunities
Out-of-home media once consisted mainly of bulletins and posters but now represent an ever growing range of applications that flatbed UV inkjet printers are well-suited to handle. Here are but a few examples:

• in-store displays • barrier poles
• stadium and arena displays • blimps and custom inflatables
• trackside advertising • carton advertising
• shopping mall displays • gas nozzle advertising
• interior and exterior bus/transit posters • golf practice range divider advertising
• airport terminal displays • marine vessel displays
• bus bench panels • parking meter advertising
• billboards • place-based displays
• wall murals • postcard advertising
• kiosks • rest area panels
• pedestrian panels • trash receptacle panels
• taxicab posters • turnstile advertising
• airborne displays • vending cart umbrellas

Questions and answers

To further evaluate whether flatbed UV inkjets have a place in your business, consider the following answers to questions frequently asked by screen printers about the technology:

Can I afford flatbed UV inkjet equipment? Flatbed UV ink-jet printers are less costly than multicolor inline screen-printing systems. Even so, highly automated, eight-color inkjet systems that cost in excess of a half million dollars can give some screen printers sticker shock. Fortunately, there are now comparable four- and six- color systems that provide exceptional output quality and productivity and start at under $200,000.


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