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How to Expand Your Business Using Instagram

(April/May 2018) posted on Mon May 14, 2018

Is your shop missing out on a free opportunity to showcase work, keep clients coming back for more, and reach new customers?

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By Dylan Gilligan

Social media, in my opinion, is the best form of marketing. It’s free. All it takes is time. You don’t need to dedicate an employee to it as a full-time job if you don’t want to. Instagram stories are 15 seconds. Taking a picture here and there takes no time at all.

You can use Instagram in one of two ways. You can post throughout the day using your phone pictures, or you can create curated photos that you have edited to your liking. You can put them in a folder and spread the content out. Both approaches are fine – just find out what works best for you. From what I’ve seen, the more personal you are with your story, the better. Customers are interested in seeing how things are done with the occasional silly outtake.

If you start thinking of things in terms of content potential, you can really build a good stockpile of images to use later on. Weed out the stuff that you realize later wasn’t as good as you first thought. I might take 10 to 15 photos per day, but only end up using three to five of them.

Build Your Following
On any social media platform, engage with people as much as possible. There are three simple rules: 

1. Don’t be a creepy troll.
2. Comment on posts.
3. Say something constructive. It’s called social media for a reason. Become part of the community.

Follow people who inspire you. Follow the competition. Follow key players in your industry. Follow companies and individuals that you would like to work with. Learn from what they are doing. Engage with their posts and talk shop.

Instagram is an algorithm; it’s mathematical. Algorithms love consistency. You can’t post one thing per week and expect people to be chomping at the bit for your content. Post a few times daily (once a day at a minimum) to keep your audience engaged. Use stories and only post good content directly to your page instead of anything and everything. 

The key to a successful Instagram account is a wide range of content – not the same photo at the same angle again and again. Post when your shop does something fun and unique, like live printing onsite at an event.


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