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Increasing Your Profit

(February 2013) posted on Tue Mar 12, 2013

Coudray explains how to use your Website to stand out from the competition and convert sales prospects into profit centers.

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By Mark A. Coudray

When you look at your Website, analyze how many times you have the word I or we in the content. How many times do you talk about quality and value, and how good you are at delivering this to every customer? How much do you talk about your equipment and capabilities? Go to your competitors’ Websites and do the same. I think you’ll be shocked at how similar you are to each other. The consumer has heard it all before, and you have commoditized yourself without even knowing it.

Tell a good story
Your online presence should be first and foremost a collection point—a gathering point. You want to attract the ideal prospect and help them make the very best informed decision through automated delivery of content. That delivery could be an e-zine or newsletter, or it could be something more substantial. My favorites include detailed case studies, either real or hypothetical, and white papers or research reports. Your Website can capitalize on the use of infographics to illustrate significant trends in your segment of the industry. We’re bombarded with too many facts and too much information, so you have to make it memorable and easy to visualize.

Make your information into a story. This is why I like case studies so much. If you can carefully craft a memorable story around the case study, you’ll almost have them in your house. Why stories? The simple answer is we remember information more easily when it’s in the form of a story. It’s how we share information with those around us. The more interesting and engrossing the story, the better the chance someone will remember it—and you.


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