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Information and Education: A Roundtable Discussion About the Front End of Membrane-Switch Production

(July 2007) posted on Mon Jul 09, 2007

Membrane-Switch production can be challenging work once you get past the roadblocks to production that customers place in your path. Here a panel of experts reveals how they work with clients to arrive at products that satisfy all.

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Jeff Arbogast The reason why this is an issue is because we’re dealing with customers from various backgrounds. We focus on the application’s requirements right from the beginning. We’ve broken it down to visual, functional, performance, and dimensional requirements. We try to walk through each of those categories and try to understand the big picture, so to speak. We’ve developed a checklist to gather specific information to begin the process, and we’ll work from that. The rest is based on the application. We develop an understanding of the product’s end use. We’ll work from drawings that may or may not be very detailed. We sort through the information we get from the customer and then fill in the gaps. We’re also developing an interactive source on our Website to present technical information.

Gene Baumgarten As far as education, we use our Website and our sales force. There’s a lot of information on our Website, and our sales team is very well informed about membrane switches. They’re very good about asking the questions so we can get our customers quotes in a timely manner. It all begins with hiring the right people, making sure they have an engineering background and that they are trained properly so they understand membrane switches. The sales force uses a checklist that has a list of questions that must be answered before we can quote a project. Once the order is placed, we make sure that customer service and inside sales thoroughly understand the project so when it’s passed to production and engineering, most of the questions have been answered at that time.


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