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InkSoft Launches Supplier Integration Initiative

Press Release from InkSoft

Tempe, Arizona

A new initiative is being launched by InkSoft to expand its integrated supplier feed. The company is aligning with some of the industry’s largest suppliers to streamline its users’ ability to add integrated suppliers’ products to their InkSoft web stores.
This new capability reduces upload time for products from participating suppliers to give InkSoft users more time to focus on shop operations. Improvements also help facilitate manual uploading from non-integrated suppliers. If a customer’s current supplier is not already part of the integration, InkSoft asks clients to email them the names in order to contact them about becoming integrated.
Wholesale suppliers also are encouraged to contact InkSoft to be included. It gives them access thousands of potential customers who are doing millions of dollars in sales per month on the InkSoft platform.
Check out InkSoft’s “Supplier Integration” product update at

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