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Investing in New Opportunities @ Intergraphics

(August 2007) posted on Fri Aug 10, 2007

Some screen printers may consider taking chances on new technology too risky, but Intergraphics sees it as a gateway to experimentation and product expansion. Learn how the shop’s adventurous and fearless spirit made it a successful graphics provider for an international client base.

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By Lori Leaman

Desender takes pride in the fact that his company often is the first to introduce new products in the Canadian graphics market. It’s no surprise then that he became interested in producing screen-printed wine labels (Figure 2) for the many wineries throughout Canada. Desender purchased a Galaxy label-printing press, which he says is capable of reproducing brilliant colors, fine details, and great depth—qualities not always possible with other wine-label-printing machines. Furthermore, any size, shape, or design can be printed onto a variety of materials.

Doming was another technology that grabbed Desender’s attention. He was fascinated by the idea of three-dimensional lettering, logos, and badges, but he quickly discovered what he considered repercussions for the environment. Intergraphics strives to be conscious of the environment and use processes and materials that are environmentally sound, which meant Desender would have to find an alternative to the doming process that would be compatible with company’s vision and be more stable, more modern, and able to deliver higher quality products. Conrad’s extensive research led him to Dymoflex (Dynamic Molded Flexible Graphic) technology, and in 2005, Intergraphics purchased the rights to use it (Figure 3).

Dymoflex is described as an ecofriendly technology that transforms traditional two-dimensional logos and emblems into multicolor, three-dimensional badges with opaque, satin, glossy, or chrome finishes. The badges can conform to contoured surfaces and are often applied to vehicles, equipment, appliances, and furniture as an advertising or promotional device. The investment in Dymoflex technology, while expensive, proved to be yet another wise decision. Intergraphics is the only company in Canada that uses the Dymoflex machine.

Today, the operation is one of the largest decal and product-marking companies in Canada and is steadily expanding across North America and Europe. The company uses a variety of innovative technologies to offer its customers a range of products, including overlays, floor and sidewalk graphics, window decals, magnetic signage, vehicle and fleet graphics, Dymoflex logos and lettering, wine labels, caution and information labels for OEMs, static-cling and two-sided decals, roll and sheet labels, and advertising boards and rinkboards. Intergraphics’ rinkboard advertisements can be seen at local arenas during hockey games or international events, such as Olympic games, Canada games, and the international figure skating competition.


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