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ISA Inkjet Update

(May 2009) posted on Wed May 20, 2009

The International Sign Expo 2009 ushered in a host of new inkjet printers that raise the bar on productivity and print quality. Here you

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By Tom Frecska

EFI ( rolled out three new machines at the ISA show. First was the VUTEk GS3200, a combination flatbed and roll-to-roll UV inkjet. The dual-resolution machine prints at 600 dpi with 24-pl drops or 1000 dpi with 12-pl drops and has a top print speed of 2400 sq ft/hr. It supports printing with eight colors (CMYKLcLmLyLk), white, and CMYK + white (VUTEk’s Fast-5 technology). Rigid or flexible media up to 126.5 in. in width and 2 in. thick can be printed on the system, and it also supports printing of dual roles simultaneously.

The VUTEk GS5000r is a dedicated roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer. It offers the same dual-resolution capabilities and droplet sizes as the GS3200 but has a top speed of 3100 sq ft/hr. It’s an eight color machine (CMYKLcLmLyLk) that can also be operated in VUTEk’s Fast-4 mode (CMYK x 2) for maximum productivity. The machine supports single rolls of media up to 198 in. wide or multiple rolls (up to three) for simultaneous printing.

Finally the company highlighted its Rastek T660 UV flatbed printer, billed as a capable, entry-level machine for shops looking to enter the digital-printing market. The T660 prints on substrates up to 60 in. wide and 2 in. thick and features CMYK + white inks. The machine features grayscale printheads that can print seven different drop sizes, ranging from 6-42 pl. Saleable graphics can be produced on the system at speeds up to 200 sq ft/hr. Maximum resolution of the device is 1200 x 900 dpi. All three new printers operate with EFI’s Fiery XF RIP.



Fujifilm Sericol

As North American distributor for the Inca Digital product line, Fujifilm Sericol ( presented the new Inca Onset S20. The S20 is positioned as a less expensive alternative to the original Onset, Inca’s high-speed display-graphics printer. Featuring a full-bed print array, the S20 can print at 2690 sq ft/hr (50 full beds an hour) on substrates up to 123 x 63 in. and 2 in. thick. It is offered with several color options: CMYK, CMYKLcLm, CMYK + orange + violet, or CMYK + white. The system is capable of precise double-sided and edge-to-edge printing, and it can be set to provide variable gloss levels, from gloss to satin. It can be driven by RIPs from ColorGATE or Wasatch.




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