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ISA Inkjet Update

(May 2009) posted on Wed May 20, 2009

The International Sign Expo 2009 ushered in a host of new inkjet printers that raise the bar on productivity and print quality. Here you

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By Tom Frecska

The Jeti 1224 UV NanoJet 2 is the latest offering from Gandinnovations ( Based on the original 1224 NanoJet platform, the new flatbed UV inkjet features 20 grayscale printheads from Ricoh that support variable dot sizes (6-30 pl) and provide a top image resolution of 600 dpi (1200 dpi apparent). The five-color (CMYK + white) printer has a 4 x 8-ft vacuum bed that shuttles in a linear fashion during printing. Other features include an intuitive user interface, retractable registration pins, and GandiSoft RIP software. The company also offers an FTR (flat to roll) version of the printer, which involves adding a module to give the device roll-handling capability.



GCC ( featured the StellarJet K72UV, a hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll UV inkjet. Supporting rigid and flexible substrates up to 72 in. wide and rigid materials up to 2 in. thick, the K72UV is available with four standard colors (CMYK) and four additional colors as an option (LcLm, white, and varnish). It prints at a standard resolution of 720 dpi, but can achieve 1440 dpi with the addition of Lc and Lm inks. To production speed on the device is 162 sq ft/hr. An Auto Media Calibration system uses a pin to automatically detect and gauge the distance between the printheads and the substrate, then automatically adjusts the printhead to the ideal height. The K72UV can be driven by RIPs from Onyx and Wasatch.




The Solara Ionz is the latest Addition to Gerber’s ( Solara family of inkjet printers. Positioned as the highest-resolution printer in the product line, the Ionz prints 14-pl droplets and provides output of 720 dpi. Like its siblings the Ionx and Ionv, the Ionz features GerberCAT cationic UV inks (CMYK) and Cold-Fire low-temperature curing technology and prints on both rigid and roll-fed material. Rigid media up to 64 x 120 in. and 1 in. thick are supported, as are roll media up to 63 in. wide. The device can print at a top production speed of 319 sq ft/hr. For shops that want a complete print/cut solution with the Ion printers, Gerber also introduced the M Series digital cutting and finishing systems for flexible and rigid materials. The cutters, available in variety of sizes, perform cutting, routing, and engraving functions and are equipped with MVision-Cut automatic laser registration.




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