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Killing Your Top 5 Time Wasters

(December/January 2017) posted on Thu Jan 05, 2017

Technology is widely available today that will make your most highly paid staff much more productive, improving your customer service as well as your bottom line.

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By Mike Ruff

In The Automation Issue, we present a collection of expert essays on perhaps the most important topic in the industry today. Here, Mike Ruff discusses automation in the front office.

How is your business doing? Does it seem like you are working harder yet making less? I believe most companies that have been around awhile go through such frustrating periods, and many of the causes are beyond their control. But remember this one truth of solving such a downturn in business: “Continuing on the path that brought you to your current situation is not a good idea.” It is a deadly mistake to think you can wait it out for things to return to normal, because they won’t.

Why? As you may have noticed, the hyper-acceleration of technology advancement is now dramatically changing every market in the graphic arts. The only way to survive such rapid change is to embrace it and prosper from it. It boils down to a four-point plan:

1. Accept that the rapid change we are experiencing is the “new normal.”

2. Quickly assess where you are with your competition, equipment, business model, and sales focus, and then map the direction that you believe is most likely to succeed.

3. Become as efficient and productive as you can with the assets that you have now to help finance the changes you know are coming.

4. Start executing your plan. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Move now. I’m going to be focusing on just the third point of this process: efficiency, which I believe is the first and most profitable place for any business owner to begin in making their company more productive.


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