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Making Photos Friendly for Simulated Process

(May 2007) posted on Wed May 23, 2007

Four-color-process printing can be a real challenge, and it only gets tougher when the job involves photographic reproduction. Learn about methods you can use to incorporate photos into your garment designs, boost their color, and enhance their edge definition.

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By Thomas Trimingham

I selected the main area of the football and copied and pasted the new selection into another layer for safety and ease of editing. The next
step was to quickly color the football using the Hue/Saturation dialog. I selected the Colorize option in the lower right of the menu box and then moved the Hue slider over until the football looked to be the correct color (Figure 2). Using this method to add color is a simple way to create some great realism while still maintaining a very limited palette of essentially one ink per colorized area.

I then decided to give my new football some action. I copied and pasted into a new document with some room to work and then created some simple flame shapes with the Pressure-Sensitive Pen. Creating flames like these (Figure 3) on a black image in Photoshop is a real snap. I followed these steps:

1. I started with a 50% gray and created some simple strokes that would echo around the ball.
2. Next, I went over the bottom areas of the flames with some smaller strokes using white.
3. I then used the Wind filter on these shapes to pull pieces of them in a direction (>Filter>Stylize>Wind). I duplicated the shape and background layers, merged them together, and then applied the filter. I then copied and pasted the result as a channel, created a selection from the channel, and then filed it with white in a new layer.
4. I used a Gaussian Blur (around 1.2) to make the flames more realistic.
5. To finalize the shapes, I used the Smudge tool to add some cool tongues to the flames with different sized smudge strokes.


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