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Meet the Rising Stars: Megan Griffith

(December/January 2018) posted on Thu Dec 20, 2018

Megan Griffith makes philanthropy a part of all aspects of her life.

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By Kelsey Johnson

You’re always pushing the boundaries at your shop by seeking out new art directions, techniques, and processes. What are some examples of recent trailblazing applications? Is there a specific project or style that you’d consider your favorite? 
One of my favorite experiments has been developing a beer-infused plastisol with our production czar after considering ways we could take branding to the next level with our craft beer clients. It took a lot of experimenting and researching, using chemistry we hadn't tapped into since high school. We can now take a specific beer from a specific brewery and develop an ink with it. Branding doesn't get more detailed than that. I'm always watching fashion and retail trends to see how we can push our design and methods to do things you can't find anywhere else.  

What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishment to date? 
I'm part of a phenomenal team that has doubled annual sales for P&M Apparel since I started six years ago, just by being passionate about what we do and having a strong desire to help our clients. Because of this growth, we've been able to develop PM Impact, a give-back venture of P&M Apparel that helps our community. I think it's really important to use success to give back, and I like that we focus on doing it on a local level so you know the people and see directly where the giving goes. PM Impact started as a way to streamline T-shirt fundraising, but has evolved into an opportunity for us to dig deep in our community and make some amazing relationships – without looking for a profit. 


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