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Micro-Ambition: Setting Your Sights Lower

(December/January 2017) posted on Thu Jan 11, 2018

Attainable, short-term goals could be the key to success for your business in 2018.

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By Marshall Atkinson

So instead of waiting for business to come in, today you are going to make 10 outbound calls. That’s your short-term, passionate goal. It will take maybe 30 minutes to an hour.

Five of these will come from your connections on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – it doesn’t matter). Cull through those contacts and pick five people who you’ve always wanted to talk to. You may even know who they are before you get started. The other five will come from that stack of business cards you have in your desk drawer. You met these people somewhere – at the park, or maybe at a networking event, who knows. You’ve probably forgotten. The point is that today, your short-term, passionate goal is to grab five of these cards and make the calls.

So that’s 10 people you’re going to reach out to. If you are like most folks in sales, you might get something going with two of these people. That’s 20 percent. But you won’t know which two, so that’s why you have to call 10.

For the sake of easy math, let’s just say that each of the two sales is $1000. That’s $2000 for an effort of less than an hour of your time. All you have to do is make the calls.

You can also apply the concept of micro-ambition to your creative team. Every artist I’ve ever met has an idea up their sleeve that they’d like to try out. I’m sure the members of your team have thoughts on things they’d like to try to design in the back of their minds. They never find the time, and that’s your opportunity.

Commit to carving out that time. Tell them to start working on that fantastic concept. Challenge them to use it for a new client that sales just snagged. Or, maybe it can be the new shop shirt. The trick is to help them get it out of their heads and translated into an image that can be used to decorate a shirt.


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