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Mobile Is the Message

(June 2010) posted on Mon May 24, 2010

Mobile tagging is an emerging solution that you can use to help your customers develop their brands and enable them to create a rich and robust experience for their end users.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

The other reason is the back-end—the reporting—and what you can achieve from the Microsoft Tag vs. the QR-Code side. Microsoft has taken it a lot further to where you don’t have to build your own mechanisms to capture the data. They’ve built into the tag and their system the ability to capture data instantly. You can make a heat map—a diagram by ZIP code of how many locations were hit on a tag—and then from that point it gives you a lot more marketing data. Imagine sticking a tag inside a product and then finding out where that product is very visible and who is looking at being interactive in that area. It helps you learn which areas are tech savvy.

How do you integrate mobile tagging into the applications you produce as a print provider?

Steve Shannon We don’t pride ourselves on being a printer; we’re a retail-merchandise specialist. We like to add flair to everything we do, and we involve innovation to help the brands with which we work to evolve their merchandising concepts to the next level or take advantage of multidimensional marketing campaigns. We use an Inca Onset S20 to print onto materials up to 2 in. thick—small and large onto almost anything to which ink will adhere. We also use it to print truly variable information, where every other sheet comes off the press with different subject matter. We see a fantastic application for that with pinpointed marketing strategies for the retail environment, and they can be more specific, more targeted with their messages.

We have hundreds of campaigns in development, and you have to remember with mobile tagging being a relatively new product being integrated into retail, it is an evolving technology. What it really does is this: It marries print to the interactive world. It’s the bridge, and understanding what to do once you’ve got that bridge—where to go with that new message you can deliver—that’s the challenge because it opens up a whole new paradigm. You have to prepare for that evolution and have the right infrastructure to link to and get the message across. Mobile tags add value to everything in print.


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