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More is Less: A Look at Sustainability at Modernistic

(August 2010) posted on Wed Aug 11, 2010

Environmental responsibility comes in many forms. This article describes the strategies Modernistic used to reduce consumption, save money, and improve efficiency.

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By DeAnn Strenke

Going green. We’ve all heard this phrase by now. Everyone uses it these days as society shifts its focus to environmental responsibility. After all, sustainability is an important part of our daily lives, and today’s economy mandates that businesses make it a top priority to be successful. Environmental sustainability has been increasingly important to our customers as they join with many businesses in asking the question: Can we do more with less?

Modernistic’s approach
Sustainability initiatives at Modernistic are designed to do more than just keep the company ahead of its competition in the printing and graphics-communications industries. The goal is to position the company as a leader in environmentally conscious practices.

The journey toward environmental sustainability begins with total employee involvement. Goals of this magnitude rely on participation from everyone at all stages of development. Committed associates and a willingness to explore and adopt new technologies fuel Modernistic’s growth and enable the company to adapt to changing markets and customer demands. Our motto—A better way, every day—represents the culture that drives the facility’s sustainability programs.

Modernistic has expanded its dedication to innovation in graphics communications into opportunities for increased environmental responsibility. We’ve looked beyond ways to reduce the environmental footprint within our commercial practices and have moved to integrating environmentally responsible practices into every facet of our day-to-day operations.

Client demand for sustainability has grown in last few years, and while we’ve had recycling programs in place for a long time, we realized we had to strengthen our commitment to environmental sustainability by participating in a certification program. We looked to professional organizations that lead the charge to help members reduce their environmental impact, save money, and improve their competitiveness in a challenging economic world.

We chose the Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership in our search for a certification program because it is nationally recognized and accommodates screen and digital printing. We formed an SGP committee that included of all the departments in our facility and developed a regular meeting schedule. The committee set out to achieve the following:


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