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New Options in Wide-Format Inkjet Printing

(July 2007) posted on Mon Jul 09, 2007

This spring saw the launch of several new inkjet printing systems that are pushing the technology into new realms of speed and versatility. This overview details key features and capabilities of new solvent and UV inkjets that are well-suited for the

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In addition to its new flatbed, Fujifilm Graphic Systems also unveiled the new Vybrant series of printers, a line of roll-fed solvent inkjets comprising three models: the Vybrant 1906 with 76-in. print width, the Vybrant 2606 with 102-in. width, and the Vybrant 3306 with 130-in. width. The Vybrant printers are targeted at producers of long-term outdoor signage, fleet graphics, billboards, banners, and more.

All Vybrant models feature Spectra Novajet 256-nozzle printheads and are capable of single- or double-pass printing at three resolutions: 180 dpi, 360 dpi (true), and 720 dpi (apparent). Print speeds on the Vybrant 3306 range from 102 sq ft/hr in two-pass quality mode at 720 dpi to 860 sq ft/hr in single-pass mode at 180 dpi (print speeds are reported to be slightly slower on the smaller models). Fujifilm says all the printers support quality production speeds of more than 400 sq ft/hr.

The six-color printers use Color+ MJ-series Inks from Fujifilm Sericol, and Fujifilm says ink cost per square foot of output will be well below $0.10. Prints produced with the inks are durable outdoors for up to five years.

Features of the Vybrant line include automated head maintenance to significantly reduced purging and downtime, proprietary Ink Drop Weaving software to eliminate banding at the highest print speeds, and automated head-height adjustment from 2.5- 4.5 mm.

Additionally, the printers incorporate a capping station that allows ink to remain in the printheads overnight so that production can resume more quickly the following day. The Vybrant inkjets support media up to 1 mm thick in rolls weighing as much as 309 lbs. The machines are driven by the ONYX PosterShop RIP.



Gandinnovations Jeti 1224 UV True Flatbed

The latest addition to Gandinnovations line of UV flatbed inkjets, the Jeti 1224 UV, is also the company’s most compact model. The six-color printer (CMYKLcLm) features 24 Spectra printheads and, according to the manufacturer, will print graphics in best-quality mode at a true resolution of 1200 dpi (2400 apparent) and a speed of 450 sq ft/hr. It supports substrates up to 4 x 8 ft.


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