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P-O-P's Place in Retail

(May 2008) posted on Tue May 20, 2008

Point-of-purchase graphics are an effective way to deliver an impactful message to consumers. This graphics-display showcase highlights an assortment of the numerous opportunities screen and digital printers have found in the retail marketplace.

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By Lori Leaman

KDM is a second-generation, family-owned operation that has served the graphics industry since 1970. The company uses several printing technologies, offers finishing services, and provides an assortment of P-O-P materials for fast-food and grocery chains, oil companies and others. Based on that experience, the shop knew just what to do when Geico came calling for a print provider to give life to its promotion by delivering attention-grabbing graphics.

For this particular project, KDM printed 500 of the graphics on its M&R inline screen-printing system and used UV inks. Two hundred additional pieces were printed on an Inca Columbia flatbed press. The staff was able to print approximately 200 pieces/hr with the M&R press and 20-25 pieces/hr with the Inca. Total production time, from printing to finishing, took two days. The graphics were printed onto corrugated board with a clay-coat laminate.

The folks at KDM used an MGE digital finishing system to cut out the graphics. “The i-Cut system is ideal for this type of job because you can control the turnaround times better [and] you keep the job internally,” says Doug Pulvere, quality-control manager at KDM. “You don’t have to wait for a die to be made or deal with the expense of having a die made. With only one or two sheets required to set up and register the job, KDM is able to keep the cost of the job down, fostering its green efforts in reducing waste.”

The substrates presented a challenge during production, as they tended to curl during lamination. KDM overcame this challenge by storing the substrates in an air-conditioned room and stacking them upside down.



Dressing up Doors with P-O-P

CSI (Falls Church, VA)

Just when you think you’ve seen advertisements and promotional messages slapped on every blank space available, look again—perhaps as you step into an elevator. The Verizon Center, a sports and events arena located in Washington, D.C., realized a great opportunity in offering advertising space on elevator doors located throughout the venue and parking garage for the vendors, restaurants, and shops located within the sports complex. The Verizon Center called upon CSI, a digital and offset printer, to produce a variety of graphics for a number of its tenants.


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