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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Decals and Labels

(October 2012) posted on Mon Oct 01, 2012

This article talks about adhesives, looks at various polymer chemistries and curing options available, and provides information.

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By Julia Goldstein, Ph.D.

Decals and labels are everywhere—on products in your house, on your car, and around your neighborhood. Graphic designers create eye-catching designs so the labels can do their job to advertise a product or service, explain how to use it or where to get it, or provide safety warnings.
Design alone, however, does not produce a high quality product. The label needs to function over its intended lifetime, and this requires proper selection of adhesives to attach the product to the desired substrate or surface. Both the label itself and the substrate can be made from a wide variety of materials, including paper, metal, vinyl or various plastics. Some labels are designed for permanent application and need to last for years, while others need to be easily repositionable. The specific application dictates the optimum type of adhesive.


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