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Prime Prints

(February 2013) posted on Tue Feb 26, 2013

This article spotlights an assortment of high-impact graphics and profiles the shops that produce them.

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By Ben P. Rosenfield

Lady Lazarus / Houston, TX
Lady Lazarus was founded in 2012. The three-person shop uses 2750 sq ft of space to produce screen-printed art editions and gig posters. Based on founder Isaac Menge’s description of the print shown here, Lady Lazarus isn’t afraid to take on challenging work.

“A few of the screens included large-coverage inked areas alongside 600-dpi dithered halftones. Squeegee pressure and angle played a large role in achieving good ink coverage while maintaining a crisp and clean print quality across the various textures each individual stock had to offer,” Menge explains. “A good amount of attention was spent on color proofing and color registration while on press. The hand deckling, although time consuming, added a very nice touch to the art-print edition.”

Frida y Vincente was printed on a Cincinnati press with a one-arm squeegee with water-based ink and six Pantone spot colors. The shop used films output on an Epson 9600, Kiwo Poly Plus-S emulsion, and an exposure unit from TMI for stencilmaking. Substrates involved in the project included Coventry Rag Cotton fine-art paper, French Paper colored cover stock, Cougar cover stock, and NovaVision holographic foil. Finishing work included trimming on a Wohlenberg MCS-3 TV. Turnaround time for this internationally distributed work was one week.

LastLeaf Custom Print & Design / Pueblo, CO
Mathias Valdez and his assistant run LastLeaf Custom Print & Design in an 1800-sq-ft space and have been in business since 2009. “The only two uses for my works are as gig/tour posters commissioned by bands for sale as merchandise or art prints that are usually made for gallery shows across the country—or sometimes just for fun. All of them end up for sale as wall art,” Valdez says.

The work shown here was printed in three colors in an edition of 90 as a tour poster for a Brooklyn, NY-based called O’Death. The design was a combination of hand illustration and collage. The print was made by overlaying colors and using negative space to make the final image. A metallic-silver ink created the highlights in the cabin and moon.


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