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Print, Flash, and Rock 'n' Roll

(June/July 2016) posted on Wed Jul 20, 2016

Musicians and screen printers are often one and the same.

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By Andy MacDougall

I have a question for you, screen printers: Why is it every time you flip a squeegee over, you find a musician under it?

This may be my imagination, so possibly SGIA needs to include it in the next industry survey to identify the trend and get some solid numbers. I would bet if you put our people up against any other identifiable industrial sector workforce – I’m talking doctors, electricians, plumbers, or politicians – you will find more guitar, drum, bass, keyboard, horn players, and even singers, plus an equivalent number of music hounds.

It’s a little unfair to take the sample from the gig poster artists and printers that I hang with at Flatstock events. These guys and gals are huge music fans as well as an essential part of the marketing and merchandising for most touring bands today. But walk down the aisle at a Flatstock show and you can start ticking off the musicians. From Chicago, Dan MacAdam of Crosshair plays guitar in Arriver, but he also played in Magnolia Electric Company. He says, “My being a rocker led me to my life as a printer and visual artist, and the two remain inextricably linked.”

In the Northeast, Jeff LaChance is a drummer in a bunch of bands, or has a bunch of drums (both, I think). Daniel Niejadlik, better known as Daniel Danger and one of the hottest artists designing and making prints, plays guitar in hardcore band The Saddest Landscape, which takes up most of his time these days.

Up in Detroit and all over America on a recent tour with his band Child Bite is Shawn Knight. The UK contingent of musician-printers features the likes of Luke Drozd of the duo Reet Maff’l, and Tommy Davidson, a popular drummer in Pulled Apart by Horses. His company is named Prints of Thieves.


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