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RH Solutions Announces New Automatic Press

(February 2017) posted on Thu Feb 23, 2017

Featuring automated substrate transfer and registration.

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RH Solutions is now distributing ATMA’s new Atmatic MF66/F Fully Registering Screen Printer. The automatic press features CCD automatic registration and is designed for applications such as electroluminescent prints; biomedical test strips; sensors; fine lines for flexible printed circuits and printed circuit boards (PCBs); embedded resistors for PCBs; flip chips; glued frames for LCD; touch-screen panels; conductive glass; diffusive plates for backlit modules; flexible electronics; and membrane switches.

Features include a pile feeder and transit rollers. Substrates are transferred to and from the machine using a robotic arm with vacuum suction and four CCD cameras. The cameras locate the substrate target and alert a servo transmission system underneath the vacuum table to correct any alignment deviation.

Max. print area is 23 5/8 x 23 5/8 in.


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