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Ryonet Offers 90-Second Pro Tips Videos

Press Release from Ryonet

Austin, Texas July 12, 2017

See the difference using the right squeegee pressure can make and learn how to achieve it. A new installment of Ryonet’s 90-Second Pro Tips educational video series explains the impact of too little or too much squeegee pressure when screen printing.
You’ll get the scoop on the role of ink in determining squeegee pressure and learn how to factor it into the pressure equation. You’ll also find out how to tell when you’ve got it right. Check out “What is the Proper Squeegee Pressure When Screen Printing” at
A new video in Ryonet’s 90-Second Pro Tips video series explains the differences between various durometer squeegee blades and what to consider when selecting the best one for a job.
You’ll get a quick rundown on the variables impacting squeegee durometer choice and learn a general rule for making the best decision. Expand your screen printing production know-how with this tip at


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