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Schilling Reveals Tiflex Organic Screen-Printing Inks

(June 2019) posted on Mon Jun 03, 2019

UV and solvent inks for graphics and industrial applications.

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Schilling has announced it is the exclusive distributor of Tiflex Organic Screen-Printing Inks in the North American market. Designed for screen printing glass, metal, textiles, and a variety of other substrates, available products include:

UViprim GL-BC, a double-component UV ink designed for high-speed printing on coated and uncoated interior glass. Features include gloss finish, high reactivity, chemical resistance, dishwasher-safe, and no requirement for thermal treatment.
UViprim GL, a single-component UV ink with dual-cure system for printing on substrates with a broad dimensional tolerance, including coated and uncoated interior glass. Said to offer gloss finish, high reactivity, and chemical resistance.
Epoxy EV, a double-component solvent ink designed for adherence to interior glass and metal. Engineered without silicone additives to allow for silvering and designed to offer chemical resistance.
Urethal, a double-component solvent ink for screen printing onto ABS, flexible or rigid PVC, self-adhesives, laminated compressed wood, treated polyethylene, treated polypropylene, and coated glass.
Vinyflex, a glossy, air-drying solvent ink designed for printing onto polycarbonate, ABS, hard PVC, polymethyl methacrylate, and painted metal.


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