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Screen Printing Goes Boom

(April 2011) posted on Tue Apr 12, 2011

This article demonstrates the importance of broadening your skill sets and experimenting with new materials and techniques.

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By Ryan Moor

The unmodified ink dried much more quickly in the screen and took considerably longer to dry on the substrate surface. The thick ink also created some trouble with its tendency to dry in the screen, which lead to the image not printing properly on the glass. The solution was to move fast, keep the screen flooded, and print consistently. Once this all came together, I could print one about every 30 seconds. The job began to fly by. It was working, and the results were something I was really proud of. The glass dried overnight, and Tyler picked the finished pieces up in the morning to photograph. Mission accomplished.

I’ve described my printing process not to explain how to print on glass, but to show you the journey of the experience. The important detail is that I had the opportunity to print this job in the first place only because I was willing to try it. Many screen printers would shy away from trying new things and stepping outside of the box because with the new comes the unpredictable. Sure, it may a take a little time, quite possibly some trial and error, if the end result is a success, you’ve just separated yourself that much more from your competition. The screen printers I know who do this stay busy, expand their clientele, know more about printing, and have the ability to make much more money.

So ask yourself this: What is available outside the world of screen-printing T-shirts? I encourage you to consider my experience; it was a job contracted for Nike involving the ad campaign BOOM. This job started out as a concept in the creative minds at an ad agency and a commercial design house. They had an idea of BOOM and needed a way to show the expression of BOOM physically happening through text.


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