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Solutions for Indigo Inline Priming

(March 2012) posted on Tue Mar 20, 2012

Michem In-Line Primer 030

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Michelman ( now offers primer, indicator, and cleaning solutions designed specifically for the optional inline priming (ILP) unit available on the HP Indigo WS6000 and WS6600 digital presses. According to Michelman, the use of the ILP unit with these solutions eliminates the need for pre-planned substrate treatment, allowing last-minute print jobs to be completed more quickly. Michem In-Line Primer 030 imparts a print-receptive surface to paper substrates and is formulated to improve the transfer and adhesion of HP Indigo Electroinks. Michem Indicator 001 is an indicator solution used to detect the presence of a Michelman inline primer on dry substrates. Michem Clean 1188 is added to the cleaning tank of the inline priming unit.


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