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Speak Your Mind: Screen Printing Website Adds New Way to Interact

(August 2012) posted on Wed Aug 01, 2012

Share your reactions, opinions, and expertise on any story.

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By Kari Freudenberger

The old way meant you had to create a Screen Printing website account just to post a comment on an article. Now it’s hassle-free to give your two cents.

We want you to interact with the editors and readers of Screen Printing so we have completely transformed our conversation feature.

At the bottom of every article and news story, there’s an empty box just waiting to be filled with your reactions, opinions, and expertise.

You can comment using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account, or you can just enter your name and email address. (Don’t worry. Your email address stays private. We just need it to keep spam at bay.)

Have you ever visited the CNN, Time, or Fast Company websites? If so, you’ll recognize our comments section because it’s the same software those major publishers use. It’s about creating conversations.

There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience on the other side of this computer screen. How about sharing it with us and the other members of the screen printing community?

Pick an article and give it a try!


Kari Freudenberger is the Director of Online Media at ST Media Group International, the publisher of Screen Printing. Her goal is to create a better online experience so if you have suggestions or feedback about the new commenting feature, she’d love to hear it. Email her at





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