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Spring is Here, and Inspiration is in the Air

(April 2007) posted on Tue May 22, 2007

Roberts tells how a visit to one of the world's most popular Websites revealed a variety of educational and idea-generating videos that can benefit any screen-printing operation.

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By Gordon Roberts

Take a look outside. It’s April again, spring is in the air, and every red-blooded screen printer’s fancy turns to figuring out how to take full advantage of the oncoming busy season. Taxes are out of the way, summer vacation is booked (if you’re lucky), and the shop is running like a well-oiled screen-printing juggernaut. All the employees are cross-trained, the shelves are stacked with all the raw materials that you will possibly need, and the new espresso machine is perking out the necessary liquid energy that will guarantee you 50% business growth this year. Alright, I concede that those last few sentences are probably not quite true, but what the heck, spring is here. We can allow ourselves to indulge in little seasonal fantasy before the craziness of the summer rush hits.

There is a very unusual vibe at work in the graphics world this year—one that I don’t think I have seen for quite a while. In fact, on further reflection, it might be true that I have never actually seen it before like this in such a universal form. I’m talking about the general air of confidence and optimism that I’m getting from my customers and colleagues in the business. People in our industry usually are a surly lot (just joking) with a world-weary, reality-based view of their profession that mostly leans towards mild cynicism. Ask a graphics professional
how his business is doing and you usually get a roll of the eyes and a shrug, coupled with a hand gesture signifying that things are so-so.


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