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The Art of Attraction

(July 2009) posted on Mon Jul 20, 2009

One of the oldest technologies for making one thing cling to another is exhibiting some attractive properties.

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By Ashley Ferguson

Print providers serving clients with temporary graphics needs and shops who produce elements for P-O-P know that the only thing constant in this business is change.

And while many in the industry—suppliers and clients alike—don’t immediately think of using magnetic systems for wide-format applications, when it comes to producing jaw-dropping graphics with quick-changing ability, one of the oldest technologies for making one thing cling to another is exhibiting some attractive properties.

What follows are just a few reasons why print providers should take a closer look at the possibilities inherent in magnetic media systems.


Attractive offerings

Magnetic display systems of all kinds are available from more than a few providers across the marketplace. Standard offerings include “sign blanks,” for easy printing of those familiar vehicle door ads; adhesive magnet strips that make virtually any graphic magnetic; and, perhaps most importantly for our market, flexible printable magnet, also known as magnetic media. And even if a metal wall isn’t available, a variety of companies have developed rolled material, which will stick to a wall on one side and accept flexible printable magnet on the other.

“Magnets often enhance design, offer limitless potential for customization, and can be quickly, neatly updated with minimal tools and no training,” says Heather West for Adams Magnetics, which produces flexible magnets. In recent years, people have also found that magnets contribute to green and lean initiatives because much of the material used to make magnets is repurposed material and they are recyclable and reusable.

As you might guess, the industry’s suppliers make a wide array of magnetic media available. Here’s a sampling (for a sourcelist of these suppliers, as well as others, see page 22):

For solvent machines, MagX America offers SolvMag, available in a 40-inch width and 20- or 30-mil thicknesses plus laminate. SolvMag includes a direct digital print laminate in white luster for photo-quality prints and a UV-cured back coating process to protect against sticking, staining, and blocking, reports the company. MagX also provides photo-quality Inkjet Papermag, specifically for interior applications; it’s a 20-mil plus laminate material that comes in a 24 3/8-inch width.


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